The Maccabees – ‘Marks To Prove It’

Just checking my records: The Maccabees played at The Comedy for Dead or Alive on the 10th August 2004! I think it was one of their first shows. I remember it well. And here they are – rescuing British guitar music from almost certain doom out of their unlikely HQ in the Elephant.

Only Real – ‘Can’t Get Happy’

I gave Niall some gigs a few years ago and it was immediately clear what a great songwriting talent he was. He went to off to Uni and came back having ditched his Libertines sounding guitars to pick up the mantle where Jamie T has sadly left off – and copped a record deal in the process. Not that Virgin seem intent on selling any records since the entire debut album is up on Youtube! Oh well, I guess it’s all part of some grand marketing plan for the second album. But take a listen to this and the whole album too – it’s a rareity in that it’s packed solid full of great tunes!