The Maccabees – ‘Marks To Prove It’

Just checking my records: The Maccabees played at The Comedy for Dead or Alive on the 10th August 2004! I think it was one of their first shows. I remember it well. And here they are – rescuing British guitar music from almost certain doom out of their unlikely HQ in the Elephant.

Only Real – ‘Can’t Get Happy’

I gave Niall some gigs a few years ago and it was immediately clear what a great songwriting talent he was. He went to off to Uni and came back having ditched his Libertines sounding guitars to pick up the mantle where Jamie T has sadly left off – and copped a record deal in the process. Not that Virgin seem intent on selling any records since the entire debut album is up on Youtube! Oh well, I guess it’s all part of some grand marketing plan for the second album. But take a listen to this and the whole album too – it’s a rareity in that it’s packed solid full of great tunes!

Vince Kidd – ‘Sick Love’

Even after reaching the finals of BBC1’s The Voice and winning over the television nation from school kids to grannies, it’s clear that Vince Kidd is so much more than just a successful talent show contestant. His sell out gig at The Old Queens Head with Dead or Alive last month and this kicking track heralds the arrival of a great new artist on the scene. Watch this space…although school kids, grannies and Tom Jones might want to look away now.