Caspa – ‘Fulham 2 Waterloo’

I hate dance music and night clubs but Caspa is king and this video is great little piece.


Hard-Fi – ‘Good For Nothing’

Hard-Fi return with this big tune and statement. Trouble is, it charted at no.51!  But that’s just symptomatic of a media run by snobs and toffs schooled in the art of the obscure and who consider writing a pop tune to be a crime.  And all that the culturally squeezed middle classes are left with is a choice between moronic X-Factor and tuneless The Horrors. 

Sunlight Service Group – ‘Flying Head’

I don’t know anything about this band.  Despite the boom in global social networks and proliferation of portable communication devices, like most bands these days they seem completely impossible to contact.  What a shame.  As for the tune it might as well be a Cream number.  Then again, Cream were arguably the greatest band of all time so that’s absolutely fine by me. Terrific video of some long-hairs on wheels too!